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The following documents are available to download:

SHA256: 231284a2955bf467b1cf4f5468af31d326d005c707d85508475db7b30962f46e

SHA256: a5ef053551b04596404f5076f4d4344ad0d12db0480a921169af044f50c937ee

Q: What is SHA256?

A: SHA256 allows you to check the integrity of a file or document. It means that you can ensure that the file was 1) not corrupted in transit and 2) not intercepted and modified in transit.

Q: How do I check the SHA256?

A: You will need to run from Command Prompt in Windows a command similar to the below:

certutil -hashfile manual.pdf SHA256

Alternatively, you can download an app from the Microsoft Store to check a hash. One such program which is userfriendly is "Hash Checker".

SHA256: 6522fc18eda8408a684d51bc1ca3cd8f7dbe2d3ef64a578010e6ff9bac993083

SHA256: aebbf87850adf48249df7534efb31c6b488c72405ae8579dc1e506f6e0243fb9

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